The Journal

It was not so long ago I found myself suffering and was not getting the help I needed. That's how I began the Journal / Diary. I wanted something a little different that everybody could find useful in some way. Mental Health can be difficult to explain and it can take many forms, it can affect anybody at any age, and more often than not can feel judgmental. Trendy Brambles Journals encourages people to open up, prompting ways of exploring your days, and has space to write, draw, scribble how you feel, and why you feel. I hope it gives the user something to focus on.

The journal will help the user to remember what made them laugh, smile, and feel good but most of all they can use the journal as their voice, giving others a chance to understand them and what they are going through which can be very difficult for many if asked to speak out face to face. Use the journal when dealing with family, friends, or medical professionals such as your GP to help them understand you and what you are going through. It will show the real version of you and what you experiencing or feeling to enable the start of you moving forward and being the best version of you, that might just mean getting the understanding and support from a family member, teacher, even your employer. 


Reading your journal back will help you to see if there might have been a way to change the way you reacted, Or if you could have put some coping mechanisms in place for getting you through the day a bit better that you could try next time, You might choose to speak to someone if you felt so bad again and use the journal to let others read about your days, see how you feel, show them what you are going through, without you feeling stupid. It might help others find a way to help you through this time. You could list foods to make instead of eating junk in turn this will take your mind off your anxiety. In time I would hope it helps you to educate yourself and grow. 

Life can be hard for everybody but it can be made easier with help. Your journal is a learning process that can continue for as long as you need. Everybody's life matters and kindness can go a long way. Let's get through together. You are not alone. 

I have a genuine love and passion for Kindness which has defined Trendy Bramble and what we do.

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